Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying to Save Some Garb

Completely last minute on Friday evening, I realized that I'm sick of not having any garb that fits. My black linen dress fits, but has issues (a little too short, wrinkles in the back, off center neck/shoulders, not quite big enough around the breast.) My other garb is either too large, or doesn't really work well with the rest of my garb. In my frustrated bout of putting things on, I made two decisions.

First, the black linen dress functions well enough as an underdress, and will thus be relegated to that purpose. Second, while I'm waiting to have fresh new garb to wear (waiting until I make it, that is), there's nothing that says I can't try wacky things with the old stuff.

Sooo, knowing that I could wear the black linen dress as my first layer, I pulled out my old rust linen dress. You may remember this dress from this or this post. I removed the sleeves and took the side seams in (but didn't touch the other seams). It's kind of a precursor to what I decided to use the gray wool for. Here's the result:

I also decided to pull out my Flemish Kerchief for this one- it's been a while since I wore it last. I'm holding Lee in that bottom photo. Here's some more pictures of the family:

So, does Owen have enough attitude for you? Do you recognize that teal tunic? Maybe it reminds you of, say, this? Recycling=Good!

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