Thank you for visiting "The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist". I use this blog to share my sewing and craft projects for medieval recreation. Occasionally I'll also share my thoughts and experiences so that you get to know me a bit better as you read. I genuinely appreciate that you took the time to stop by and see what I'm doing here!

Who is Edyth Miller? 

Edyth Miller is an early 15th Century English-born townswoman who has lived in Flanders since a young age. Her husband is a low-ranking agent in the Company of the Merchant of the Staple, which has offered them comfort as free citizens, but keeps her husband away in Calais for many months throughout the year. To secure her safety at home, Edyth apprenticed to a French tailor. Eventually, she was able to gain the rank of Master within Bruges' Guild of Merchant Tailors, secure her own workshop, and is now recognized in the Saint Giles area of the city as a master tailor specializing in wool clothing. She also enjoys the life and responsibilities of being an urban freewoman on her own in a city that already houses thousands. In her many years living in Bruges, her Anglo-Saxon roots have almost completely faded, and she admits to a preference for Franco-Flemish culture, fashions, and food.

In the Society for Creative Anachronism, I spend a large amount of time creating and teaching various classes on 14th & 15th Century tailoring & sewing, and on topics related to women's clothing from that period. I attempt to teach at as many events as I can. I use the SCA as a platform to sew garb (the primary subject of this blog), create embroideries, and do a huge amount of hobby-style research. In September of 2017, I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for my efforts in these areas. I reside in the South Oaken region of the Midrealm, in the Barony of Fenix. My name and device have been registered with the College of Heralds. 

Who are you, really?

In the modern age, I live in a rural area outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I have 4 kids, and along with my husband, we share our home with my mother. My day job is being a marketing designer for a residential remodeling company. I enjoy movies and I like to listen to music while I work. I also do watercolor painting, will occasionally scrapbook, and I also knit. I love to swim, and I hate dealing with the laundry. My favorite color is teal, and it's a rare day that I turn down a chance to eat Tex Mex. I might also have an unhealthy obsession with old-fashioned donuts and black coffee.

Why do you blog?
There are a lot of blogs out there, and even in the niche of historical costuming blogs, "The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist" is a drop in the bucket. I'm honest enough with myself to know that what I share here isn't the most stunning, inspiring, or cunning ever, and I've posted more than my fair share of embarrassing or unflattering pictures (which Google loooves putting into image searches, of course). What I can offer, though, is my perspective as a plus-sized medieval costumer, doing what I can to realize the medieval recreation "dream" I've loved since I attended my first event at age 16. You'll see me make mistakes, and you'll watch me find things out the hard way, but you'll also see a lot of successes and triumphs. I will always do my best to share my methods and process in the hope that it may help you with successes of your own.

I blog for many subtle, unexplainable reasons that I feel on a visceral level. I blog because I want to. But I also blog because I have a natural interest in teaching. I blog because I want to be able to look back and see where I've improved, and what still needs attention. I also blog as a means of being accountable. I'm guilty of not keeping my word, and falling short of promises or proposed expectations I've made for myself, but at the end of the day, I really do look at the giant pile of stuff I'm in the middle of and say to myself, "Have I done enough of anything to blog about it this week?" If the answer is no, it's time to get to work.

There are many inspiring costumers out there that produce beautiful work that we can look at and drool over and hope to match some day. Those people are wonderful, and I have learned a lot by following their processes and progress. I often refer to them and I encourage everyone to keep up with these folks. They are the trend-setters and the spurs that keep this historical costuming hobby going. But we all know that "comparison is the thief of joy", and too much admiration can very quickly turn into self-depreciation and an unwillingness to try out of fear that our attempts will be so stupidly inept that we should just save ourselves the time and energy. While I certainly appreciate anyone coming onto my blog and feeling like I'm the bomb, I stress that I truly struggle with my process and progress, and I'm learning as I go. I blog for all those people who, like me, want to learn by doing, and need vindication that it's perfectly acceptable to suck at it sometimes. I blog to help me laugh at myself and be comfortable with who and what I am. I have many flaws, but I blog to remind myself that those flaws don't matter, as long as I'm having fun. 

Finally, I blog as a creative outlet that I can control. It's the one thing in my world that no one else has a say over, and when you are surrounded by people all the time like I am, that becomes really key to keeping your sanity.

How can I reach you?
Please feel free to message me on Facebook, or click here to email me. I'm also open to speaking with you in person at events. If you spot me, let's chat!