Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garb Quest - Fabric Choices...Again

I thought I'd gathered all the material for my garb quest (except for the scarlet wool for the open hood), but a couple things changed. I was originally looking for a navy blue wool for the kirtle, and though I found a really nice one from William Booth (for a good price) I ultimately ended up purchasing a very luxurious dark blue wool from Joann's. Though quite a bit more expensive, I love the color and feel, and since I could see more than just a 3" swatch of it, I was more confident in choosing it for the kirtle instead.

I had gotten the ginger linen for the outer layer of the supportive dress, but was feeling a bit unsure about how "right" the color was for the dress. Then I found a couple of interesting images here that got the gears working. There are a few examples that use either a blue outer color and a brown lining or visa-versa. After some thinking on this, I decided that I could get behind using the ginger linen as the lining on the blue wool, instead of as the supportive dress.

That left the supportive dress still a huge question mark, however. I have a rust linen as well as the blue bonnet linen I originally got to line the navy wool kirtle. The rust, though a nice red-orange, is a bit of a strong color, and is a little too much like a certain other rust linen (linen/rayon) I already have. The blue isn't a strong color, but there are two issues. First, I only have 4 yards (which might be doable, but 5 yards would be better). Second, would the blue bonnet be too close to the now lighter blue wool? It's a tough call.

I'm giving myself one more possible option. I looked around for a light-pink/peachy linen. has a handful of light-colored linens that may work. I ordered some swatches to check the weights. I don't want it to be too flesh-tone, but a pale pink would add a nice girly touch. So, here's what we're looking at:

I suppose that while I'm waiting for those swatches, I should probably get some other things done....

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