Sunday, October 3, 2010

Event Re-cap and Garb-Weeding Underway

Despite the lack of attendance and the un-planned-for cold rain, Mischief and Mayhem was a actually a fun event for me. It was almost just a practice event, really, and we had no real problems with having all 3 kids there. Only downside, though, is that there weren't a lot of people there to see Owen's awesome 13th century-esque outfit:

He got pretty wet, but I'd planned ahead for the cold by making the hood, and we were able to keep him warm by keeping the hood up when he was outside the shade. This outfit will still fit him when we go to Royal Hunt later this month. With the twins, it's harder to coordinate making new garb for Owen, so anything that can last a while is good. The twins, by the way, wore their gowns again, but I didn't get any photos of them this time since they spent most of the day bundled up under a blanket in the playpen.

Right before leaving, I'd wondered if I really needed my teal wool dress to stay warm. Ultimately I decided to wear it, and I'm really glad I did. I wore an old light blue linen/rayon dress underneath, and I was quite warm enough. For most of the day, I wore a wimple and oval veil (which you can see in the photo with me and Owen), but that had gotten pretty wet and wasn't comfortable anymore. I switched to my German kerchief and put my goller on (above), and still maintained a comfortable warmth level.

It's kind of hard to tell in this photo, but I tucked the ends of the kerchief up under the edge which was pinned tight around my head with a single pin at the nape of my neck. I've previously had a hard time getting this veil to work for me, but now I realize that it was because I was doing it wrong. Now that I've figured it out, I'll definitely wear this veil more often.

Today, I pulled all my dresses out and decided which ones to keep. This was just the dresses I had in my garb closet and didn't include garb I'd packed away (that's a project for a later day). All I've decided to keep are my black linen dress (which I'll take in), my blue linen v-neck gown (which I won't worry about adjusting- I'll just use it as a throw-on layer for camping events), and my teal wool (which I will completely take apart, remove the lining, re-cut according to my new pattern (yet to be created), re-line, and reassemble). I'm also going to keep the pink jacket I whipped together as a camping robe, but I'm going to sew up the front to make it a tunic instead. I've also got the new sleeveless smock I just made and my fitted underdress in the keep pile. The underdress will be replaced, however, when I get the linen for it, and decide it's time to create my new pattern (which will probably happen in November). This leaves me dismally low on garb, I realize, but what better excuse to buy more fabric and make more clothes?