Sunday, April 5, 2009

Being more authentic...

...doesn't include dead camera batteries!

But, alas, they were. I didn't check them before we left for Unicorn yesterday, and it wasn't until I went to take a picture in the morning and the camera shut off that I realized that the batteries were, in fact, dead. So I don't have a single photo from yesterday.

Which is a real shame. I wore my new rust-colored "fitted" dress, and it looked great. I, unfortunately wore the wrong bra, and had to deal with "quadra-boob" all day. I ended up wearing my grey hood (#11 here) to hide my chest, and it mostly worked. But the dress was wonderful. I do need to make a minor adjustment to the chest area (so that I don't have to wear that bra again), but other than that, everything fit- no pulling at the arms, the perfect drape and length on the skirt, etc. I did have my mother sew the sleeves and do the fitting adjustments for me, but that's just because I know my limits.

I also completed Owen's green shirt. Since I didn't have the time to put the buttons (and button holes on) for the last event, I'd just added a tie at the top. But this week, I (with Dearg's help) completed the shirt by adding 8 small buttons. I had originally done fabric buttons, but I made the holes too small, and I couldn't make fabric buttons small enough to fit. We also picked up black tights- they made a huge difference. If only I had a picture....

I taught my headdress class again. I was irritated that I had to find my own place to teach the class, as there wasn't a class pavilion set up. So I only had three people attend the class, and there were lots of distractions because the one table I could find was right next to the path everyone was taking to get to the merchants and cars. I also kind of rushed through it. It didn't go as smoothly as it had the first time, and I lost my place a handful of times. Also, the at the end of the class the ladies asked me about Italian, Middle Eastern and German headdress. None of which I've done all that much research on. So now, for the sake of being better prepared next time, I'm going to devote some time to researching those.

I brought my new embroidery frame as well. I'd found a zig-zag patterned needle case that I really like on Medieval Arts & Crafts, but I think I'm going to use mine to hold pins for my headdresses. I started using the unbleached muslin I had strung on the frame, but the weave is too tight for me to see what I'm doing. So I took that off this morning. I had also planned to do white and green zig-zags, because I wanted to match my small green scissor case, but now that I've decided to use the case for pins instead of sewing needles, I don't need to be matchy-matchy. I like the blue and white of the original. I might even try to modify the pattern a bit to be wavy instead, since my arms include a wavy fess on a blue field. Right now, the frame is apart, sitting out on the porch- I decided I wanted it stained.

Maybe I'll put new batteries in the camera and go have another photo shoot this week.