Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Magic Number is 15

Yes. 15. I have 15 headdresses. I know this now because I decided I needed to do a better job of storing them. I had a photo box that my husband abandoned, so I took all of my foldable headdresses, tagged most of them for easier identification, and stuffed them into it. Only a few didn't make it in, mainly the hats, circlets and a few other odd pieces. Shall we take a look at them all?

1. Viking Coif with heraldic embroidery (made by my mom).
2. Working Class headdress. Still needs to be shortened in the front.

3. Leather Heraldic Circlet and
4. Veil with fillet and barbet
5. White un-hemmed turban. I have several pieces of various sizes of this, so I count them as one.
6. Snood. I have two of these, this teal one and a silver-toned one. Both made my my mom.
7. Metal circlet
8. Saint Birgitta's Cap. Still needs to be lengthened.
9. Open Hood. Still not quite sure why this doesn't sit on my shoulders right.
10. Remember this one? 16th Century "Muffin" Cap
11. Button front hood (made by my mom)
12. Henin with lapet and sheer veil
13. Heart Shaped Headdress
14. Flemish Kerchief.
15. Last, but not least, 14th Century Coif