Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not that I need another one...

I had been thinking about adding a German Kerchief with tassels to the headwear pile after seeing it on several sites and blogs, specifically on Marie Chantal Cadieux's site. On her picture page, here, she shows the particular way to wear it that I was picturing. My scribal teacher gave me some wimple-weight white linen for 12th night (that I received the day after I posted that I needed more!), so I was thinking that I may use it for one of these. The linen is so fine, however, that I don't think this is the right application for it.
But then, as I reviewed my headdresses yesterday, I got to thinking that my Flemish Kerchief could easily double as one of these. The only thing it will lack is a bit of length and the pleating at the front. I think I can overcome the pleating issue, however, by simply embroidering a series of lines in white along the front.
I think I really like this headdress because of the tassels at the back. Embroidery floss won't cut it for those, though. A non-plied wool yarn is the answer, I think.

I'm not going to do any of that, however, until I tackle some of the non-headdress items I have on my project pile, such as a new leather pouch.

I now have all the materials I need to complete a new ring pouch. My husband found my black ring pouch the other day (buried in the bottom of one of his leather boxes- how it got there is still a mystery), and seeing it again, I'm really not happy with it. I made it out of what I had on hand, but the ring is too heavy in relation to the thin flannel, and I don't like the look of the flannel anymore. What I have now to make a better pouch is several pieces of dark brown leather embossed with a floral pattern (that has a more 16th century/Tudor flare, but it's really nice). I also picked up some metal rings from the craft supply store. The ring is a bit on the small side, I probably won't be able to get my whole hand into the pouch once the leather encases the ring, but Dearg pointed out that I could just push up on the bottom of the pouch to get the contents from the bottom. I've worked out a 6 piece pattern that should work, but I'm going to use scrap fabric first as a prototype. I also have three colors of embroidery floss that I'll use to stitch a decorative trim around the base and top flap of the pouch. It will end up looking something like this:

The closure will be a strap of a similarly colored leather with a buckle (bronze in color), and it will have a belt loop at the back. I want it to look somewhat slumpy, so I may need to insert a lining that holds a weight of some kind along the bottom inside to give it that heavy appearance. The leather is somewhat on the lightweight side, which will also help. I'm thinking that it will be about 5" by 8" inches overall.

Also, I've decided that after we get the garb for the three kids done (by Winter's End in two weeks), it's time to go back to completing the teal fitted dress. I haven't lost any weight since my gall bladder removal surgery, and I'm getting pretty tired of wearing the same dress. It's funny, really. I have 15 headdresses and only 3 dresses. I need to have at least one new dress for the summer, and the teal dress might-as-well be it. I'll need more than one, really, so the summer will be a fun time of scooping up all the wool I can afford to have dresses made for Pennsic War in August.