Sunday, July 20, 2008

Accessories make the outfit

Dearg and I are having a "project" weekend. Yesterday, he started making a pair of leather shoes (Viking style), and I made a 15th century ring pouch. I had no idea how to go about making it, except to look at two pouches, here and here, and visually "reverse engineer" them. I had to restart (which ended the photo documentation I was doing), but at the end of the day, I had a brand new pouch!

The ring is a length of copper wire that I tried to bend into as perfect a circle as I could. The fabric is black flannel (left over from my hennin- more on that below). The tie is a 5-strand finger loop braid using pale green and light orange embroidery floss. The button is a deer antler button (the first one Dearg made). As a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with it!

At the moment, I'm inspired by this image. I love how casual this feels. She's wearing a burgundian, but instead of finishing it with a wide belt, she's wearing the sort of thin belt worn with a kirtle. She's also wearing a pouch on a long tie and a turban-style headdress. I can easily see how this is the best way to wear a formal burgundian all day at an event! Then for court, swap your belt and headdress and voila! You're lookin' snazzy for that off chance you'll have to go up in front of Their Majesties!

Speaking of headdresses, I thought I'd share with you the two I created for my class. I'd include a photo of the turban, but it's pretty basic and not much work.

They are both very comfortable to wear. I don't yet have a houpelaunde to wear with the heart-shaped headdress, but I can wear the hennin with either of the burgundians I have. These two photos were taken late, and I'm obviously not in garb, but they still look good. I've got to be a bit more careful with my hair when I wear these for real.
So now all I have to do is figure out what my project for today is....

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