Monday, July 14, 2008

A new obsession

My class went very well at Push for Pennsic this past weekend. I had four people attend the majority of both classes, two who stayed the entire time for both. It was an enjoyable experience and I received some great compliments. I'm not sure I'll teach it again as the two hour version, though, at least not soon. I've already started working on a one hour class that focuses on the hennin, expanding what I've already done. I plan on teaching it at Harvest Day, which will be the next event for us (with Owen in tow).

Dearg and I are suddenly on an authenticity kick. We like the SCA and certainly enjoy our time away from the house, but we're having a harder time seeing it as time way from the "real world". It's difficult to think of an SCA event as a re-creation event when we sit under a modern pop-up shade and pull our lunch bread rolls out of a plastic bag. How is this really any different from our real lives? We've tried to focus on being more authentic with our garb, and I'm sure that after the baby is born this will be an easier task for me. Dearg, who works with leather, is trying to use fewer modern tools. When I get to doing illumination again, I plan on applying that same thinking as best I can to my skill (though I won't be losing the light table any time soon). My "headdresses are awesome" kick is helping me focus on accessorizing myself in a more period manner.

It takes a lot of money to be authentic, though, and with a baby on the way, money isn't something we have right now. We just like the idea of going to an event and being at that event to escape the modern world- to do everything at an event in as authentic a way as possible. We see alot of European re-creation societies doing this, and are somewhat frustrated that there are no groups like that in the Midwest.

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