Saturday, July 5, 2008

Looking Ahead

Now that I am only 5 weeks away from delivery, I'm starting to really think about my post-baby wardrobe. I can't wait to have the front-laced kirtle I bought the wool for at Crown Tourney- I plan on wearing it at Harvest Day, which will also be my son's debut event.

My son's first set of garb is already in the works. He'll be attending Harvest Day in full-on Viking. My mother has already made some adorable crochet booties, and my husband has a mini pouch planned. I'll be making him a Viking cap, and mom will be making the shirt and pants after he's born (so we know how big to make them).

Depending on how the kirtle turns out, I may stick with those until I get my figure back. The fuller, more formal gowns of the 15th Century won't look as flattering if I don't loose the baby weight, so I don't plan on having any new ones of those at least until next year. Unless I get trim really fast, but that's never happened to me before....

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