Sunday, September 22, 2013

Old dress to new skirt

Over two years ago, I made my first flat-front dress. It was a waisted, sleeveless dress made of a heavy gray wool, lined with linen. In addition to trying out the seamless front, it was also the first time I tried to fit myself for a fitted dress.

The dress in progress back in early 2011.
At the time, the results were moderately successful, but I never truly liked it. Part of the issue was that it wasn't really a great fit, but the other major issue was that it was very heavy. Since it was sleeveless, I had to wear something under it, but I hated the way it looked with just a chemise.

The one and only time I actually wore it to an event.
It had been in the closet for pretty much all of the past 2 years, so when I pulled it out a few weeks ago, I knew it wasn't really going to stay.

Just for fun, knowing that it wasn't going to fit me anymore, I tried it on. I wasn't surprised by how horrid it actually was. I even ripped one of the armholes open in the process.

Not all was lost, however. The best thing about the dress had always been the weight of the skirt. I could have done a better job at the top of the skirt panels, but the bottom was perfectly full, and the perfect length.

The bodice was a total loss, so that had to go. I unceremoniously chopped that off. I'm sure it will find its way back, though, maybe as a pillow backing, or other such weirdness.

Cats. Ever so helpful.
I folded the remaining top into a waistline. It was very thick, but I wasn't too worried about it. I tacked everything down on top.

Please ignore the unfinished seams. There's not much fraying going on, and since it's not an item I'm likely to wear often, I just can't justify spending the time on finishing them now.
Now, I have a really nice extra skirt layer! I'm not precisely sure what real-world context I'll actually find use for it, but I have a vague idea that I can either slip it on under lighter dresses if it's cooler than expected, or slip it on over fitted dresses kind of like an apron in those chilly hours of the late night or early morning at camping events. Either way, I'm positive it will get more use than it had been getting.

New, non-horrid, heavy wool skirt!

In that last photo, by the way, I'm wearing my original fitted supportive dress. It still mostly fits, though the curved front is a little off, resulting in a slight gap. I'm not sure exactly what I could do to fix it, so it's probably best that I not worry about it. It's useful to keep around, though, as a layer to wear under other fitted dresses in the cooler months.


  1. You look so pretty in the last picture. Love the hang of teh skirt and the grey-white combination. It's a pity bare-headed isn't proper medieval, it's beautiful seeing how your beautiful dark hair frames your face :)

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! I actually consider my dark hair to be my best feature, so it's sort of silly that I'm constantly covering it up!