Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baronial Challenge Met

In the spirit of not having a strict, set plan this year, I decided last minute to enter the Baron & Baroness' A&S Challenge at this year's Baronial Championships. The Challenge was pretty simple- submit three items- but the kicker was that all three items had to then be donated to the Baronial gift basket. Which, of course, meant that I couldn't just submit three items I've made this year.

After a brief brainstorm session with my mom, I decided to finish up the brick stitch embroidery I'd started but wasn't so sure I was in love with. It was the right size for a needle case. For the other two items, I decided to make a veil and an inkle weave band.

The embroidery took the longest to complete, even though I already had it started. Once that was complete, I sewed a linen lining on with a "needle rack". I've made this same sort if case in the past here.

This one is pretty small, so I went with a roll-up style on it. It's the perfect size for a needle and pin case to toss into a period sewing kit.

A couple years ago, I'd made a bunch of gauze linen veils to give away for a class, and I still had one that I'd cut but never finished. I recently came across colored frills on Family de Huntington and really liked what she's made for her friend, pictured at the end. So I cut a strip of the gauze linen (which I still had in my stash), and made an embroidered ruffle. I used a pretty brown linen DMC floss to stitch a neat line of blanket stitch on the edge of the ruffle.

It was a very simple project and went together in about a day (including the hemming on the veil itself). It's lightweight, and feminine, and very pretty. 

Truth be told, it was difficult to give it away! I guess I'll just need to make another one. Maybe with a gray or blue silk embroidered edge.

I just taught myself how to inkle weave (that's next month's Medieval Crafting Skill), so I decided to make an inkle weave band for the last item. This one is only my second band, so I went with a simple plain weave design, rather than a pickup weave.

I used blue, pink and off white crochet cotton. It's 38 strands, which came out to about 3/4" wide. Not sure how long, I forgot to measure it.

Photo by Juli Pfaehler Rose
To round out my entry into the Championship, I also included the yellow embroidered tunic I made for my husband, and an illuminated piece I'd made for a friend. 

I didn't win the Championship (the person who did win really deserved it!), but I got a small bead token for completing the Challenge. I also received a piece of green and gold card woven trim because I've made a significant impression on Their Excellencies throughout the past year. 

I stitched the beads to my pilgrim bag. They create a nice dangly that almost looks like a silly face. 

So. Now I have to figure out a good project to use the new trim on. Hmmm.....

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