Sunday, September 15, 2013

In Progress: Brick Stitch Pouch

I have a habit of creating embroidered things, then giving them away. Not that that's a bad thing, but I end up not having anything to show for myself. I guess it's the love of making things that causes that to happen. I want to learn something, or need practice to get better, but I don't actually need the thing that I make. So rather than let it sit around, unused, I gift it to someone with the hope they'll actually get use out if it.

This time, however, it's a little different. I'll be teaching a class on German Counted Thread embroidery in October, and as I was pulling the information together a few things happened. First, I realized that I didn't have any samples of finished embroideries to show. Second, I finally created a workable template to create brick stitch patterns on my computer, so that I was able to make my own patterns to share with the class. Third, I came across several inspiring projects that I'd kind of overlooked in the past. Obviously, I needed to make something new.

I've seen and admired "basket weave" brick stitch patterns for quite some time. In fact, if I remember correctly, my introduction to brick stitch was this bag from Diu Minnezit. Then, during the browsing for my class, I came across the Primary-Colored Brick Stitch pincushion on Sarah W's Most Peculiar Mademoiselle blog. Which reminded me all over again that I wanted to do a basket weave pattern.

I played around with the pattern, and came up with a version that I liked. I'm purposefully using blue, gold and white (pale gray, actually) because they are my heraldic colors. I figured that would make me less likely to give it away when I was done with it. The thread is Rainbow Gallery Grandeur silk, and the field cloth is 32-count linen.

I've run out of blue thread, so I need to place an order for more before I can get further with the design, but it does work up pretty quick. When I can work on it, that is.

I'm not exactly sure how I really feel about it. The 32-count is difficult to work the smaller stitches on, and every so often I come across a tight area that I'm pretty much just guessing on where to put the needle. I do have half a mind to finish this piece as is and maybe just applique it onto a regular fabric pouch. Then modify the pattern and try again. With more thread at the start. It's still to early to tell, though, if I'll end up liking it.

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