Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Medieval Veil Video Tutorial

Here- I made you a corny video.  Hope you like it!

I started doing this veil style about 3 years ago and it's been my go-to ever since.  Elina at Neulakko does the folding bit in her tutorial also.  If I think back, hers was probably my inspiration, so if you haven't checked hers out, I suggest you do so!

In my veil classes, I talk about using "head underwear"- my favorite of which is the huvet (or Saint Birgitta's cap)- and I also discuss how to properly use a fillet to keep your veil in place.  It occurred to me after the last teaching of this class, however, that only the "formal" methods of wearing a veil required the use of any underwear.  When I placed this quick veil on my head that same evening for court (in which I was actually called up, so thank god I decided to put a veil on!), I realized that if you secure the veil on your head using the tight-around-the hairline/pin-at-the-back method (which I utilize in the video), you can achieve a large number of looks and never need the assistance of an extra piece underneath.

I often grab a veil and some pins and "play" in front of the mirror- using the "non-underwear" technique to see how many styles I can come up with.  I've come up with well over a dozen that I would actually wear, and many more that were interesting to say the least.  In fact, just this evening, I created one that I aptly called "The Pretzel".  Is it period? No.  Is it fun to wear? Yes.  Sometimes it's difficult to draw the line.  Keep and eye out- The Pretzel might show up at an event near you.

The point is that, while there are certainly "rules" to follow if you're trying for authentic veil styling, those aren't the be-all end-all of possibilities, and they certainly don't hold the monopoly on beautiful, girly styles that are in keeping with the spirit of the Middle Ages.  The quick veil style in the video straddles that line.  And occasionally, I like setting up shop on that line.


  1. Edyth,

    Thank you for the video. I really enjoyed how simple it is to wear a veil. I also really enjoyed the humour in it. Please keep posting as I love reading about what you are up to.

    Emelote of Calais

  2. This is an excellent reference - thank you! Could you please tell us the length of the straight side of your veil?

    Many thanks,
    Tamara of Thamesreach

    1. I'd put that over on the YouTube page, but forgot to add it here- I knew someone would ask! The veil is 35" across the long edge and 25.5" from that to the longest point on the curve. Remember, though, that your veil may need to be larger or smaller, depending on the size of your head.

  3. Thank you! That's an excellent starting point for selecting the correct sizing.

  4. Love, love, love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. Awesome tutorial. I'd love to see more people utilizing tools to give a more polished overall look. Hair/headwear and footwear are the best ways to "up your game." Keep up with the sharing of your awesome!

  6. Just catching up on my internet reading after a busy summer, and found your veil tute! Very nice. I was also inspired earlier this year by Mistress Elina, and like your wimple-free version too. And yay for the pin and FB links!

    I've enjoyed following your blog and the ups and downs of sewing, as it's a battle for me sometimes too. I think with all the work and research you're putting in will really pay off for you. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  7. Thank you! That was very instructive. I am writing a novel based in the later end of the 15th century and I have my heroine (and all the other ladies) wearing various veils and head coverings throughout. But this was great from a real person rather than ancient 2-D illuminations. :)