Friday, July 20, 2012

New Brick Stitch - An Arm Guard

I've been looking into updating my archery kit to be a bit more authentic for the early 15th century.  Looking at the available images, there appears to be a pretty big lack of the use of arm guards in medieval archery.  In the modern world, however, they are a ubiquitous part of the tools of an archer - same as a helmet is to those fighting with heavy weapons.  I wanted to find a middle ground- an arm guard that wasn't so obviously an arm guard, but that still provided protection.

Ultimately I thought it would be fun to make an embroidered arm guard, not because it's period, but because it seems like something neat to make.  Plus it gives me an excuse to do more embroidery. 

I'm using linen floss from DMC and 32 count linen evenweave. And it hasn't been easy.  I don't want to give up, however, because I want to have that satisfying feeling that I embroidered something on such a tiny thread count! It is making for some pretty slow-going, though.

I'm using a modification of Pattern No. 7 from Medieval Arts and Crafts.  I swapped the "SZ" squares for the other square pattern, just reversing the colors.  The linen flosses are light, so the whole embroidered field should actually end up a bit subtle, which is fine.  I like the whole "But, no- you should see it up close!" effect that projects like this induce!

And, no, I haven't given up other, larger projects for embroidery altogether.  In fact, I'm putting together some experiments with converting rectangular construction garments into fitted garments, but I'm trying to think that whole process completely through first.  When I figure it out though, rest assured you'll be the first one's to hear about it!

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