Tuesday, January 31, 2012

(NOT) Getting Things Done

Since Archer was born, I've found it very difficult to manage my time so efficiently that I can actually get things done.  It seems that every time I really get into something, he's ready to eat, and since I'm 100% committed to breastfeeding him as long as I can, it really cuts my day up.  In fact, even as I type this, I can hear him stirring in the next room.  When I'm not feeding him and the other kids are awake, I try very hard not to be doing anything so that I can supervise their play (and join in when I need to.)  Plus Owen is at a stage in which he needs a lot of direction during the day and positive attention, which I can't give if I'm otherwise occupied.

I had planned on taking Archer to his first event this weekend, since Owen will be with his uncle and the twins will be with a family friend on Saturday.  When I got thinking about it, though, I decided that, since I'd have the house to myself (except for Archer), I could actually *gasp* get things done!  So I'll skip the event for the sake of my project pile this time around.

I've got more than just SCA projects on my plate, but I feel that if I can just devote a whole day to getting anything done, I won't feel so overwhelmed and behind.  My website redesign will be on the top of the list, though I don't expect to complete it (since it's lots of code writing, which I'm not an expert with.)  My linen apron is second and Kara's dress is third.  If I can actually make it through all three, it will have been a very productive day!

Speaking of the linen apron, I've decided not to use the green linen floss for the hem stitching.  I did a few inches and realized that if my line was even slightly off, it was very noticeable.  I know this project is supposed to be all about perfecting my craftsmanship, but the OCD person inside me couldn't tolerate even the slightest difference in the stitch- I'd never get it done because I'd always be tearing the stitches out.  I do like the idea of a colored thread instead of white though, so I pulled out a pink cotton thread I have plenty of.  I haven't tested it yet, but I think I'll be able to tolerate slight imperfections a bit better with the lighter color.

And now Archer is awake and ready to eat.


  1. OCD is always my issue, especially with embroidery. I am currently working on a burgundy linen underdress and have redone the blanket stitch along the keyhole 3 or 4 times already because the stitches are uneven.

  2. I have a problem with ocd too and I have a two year old. The two do not mix well I've found. I've used the lighter color trick myself on a Greenland style tunic and it was better I thought. Good luck!