Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kara's Housebook Complete

Look at me, being neglectful.  Mom recently purchased a onesie for Archer that says "Mommy is exhausted".  It's pretty close to the truth.  But, we must all soldier on, right?  So here we go!

I was able to complete Kara's Housebook (or Durer) dress for the last event.  We had some really irritating seam ripping happen the morning of the event, but is wasn't anything I couldn't overcome.  It took me FOREVER to get the pattern figured out.  First I made it all too big.  I was going by measurements, but I think I was overcompensating seam allowances and length. So once I realized that unfortunate fact (since I'd gone ahead and started with the wool), I pulled out some wickedly psychedelic cotton and made a toile for her that I could adjust. 

It was so incredibly cute watching her play around in the dress.  When the long skirt got in her way, she'd pull it up slightly in front of her- just like I would- to walk around!  Once I had the pattern right, I laid it out on the dress I already had assembled and cut off the excess.  I had to remove and re-insert the back gores, but that wasn't a problem.  I had forgotten (then remembered) that I was supposed to do a second pleated panel in the back, so at this point, I wasn't worried about adding it.

I tried two different ways of doing the pleats in the front.  One involved cutting the pleated section out as an extension of the front (like Catrijn did), but it was a bust.  Then I went back to my original idea, cut the pleated section separate, pleated it, then sewed it into place in the "gap".  It worked well enough for an 18th month old's dress.  The sleeves are set in which I'd just patterned after an old shirt that was too short for her (which was also the starting basis for the toile).  I wish my sleeves went in that easy!

Last minute, I grabbed my wulste items and had my mom assemble them for a headdress at the event.  She didn't wear it all day, but she did have it on enough for it to count.

In other news, I did actually finish my linen apron some time ago.  I'm just waiting for an opportunity to throw on some garb and wear it for photos!

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  1. Holy cow that's adorable! The hat!! I'm dying from the cute!