Sunday, July 24, 2011


So, I had every intention of sewing my black wool hose this weekend, but that didn't exactly happen.  I cut the hose out and sewed the back seam on the legs of each using my black linen thread and a backstitch.  I realize now that I don't like backstitch very much.  I think I got spoiled by how well my running stitches hold on the huvet, that the backstitch just seems wasteful.  I used it, however, because the London hose fragments indicate that hose was one of the only typical uses for it.  So now I'm at the dreaded step- sewing in the 4 gussets.

I'll admit.  I've been procrastinating.  But I truly had planned to tackle those this weekend.  Except that on Saturday, I got it in my head that I needed to make new tunics for the twins.  So the entire afternoon was spent making one of those.  And I went a bit overboard.  Some time ago, I stopped really paying attention to the materials I use for my children's garb, pretty much because I only have linen, wool, or linen/cotton blend laying around in large enough remnants to use for kid's clothing.  I also picked up so may spools of silk thread when they were marked down to 75% off that I have more silk than cotton thread these days.  So I ended up using a natural colored 100% linen and a red silk thread for finish stitching.  And did the whole thing by hand.  Finished seams and all.  And if this blog has indicated anything about my sewing habits, finishing seams is not my forte.

Just my luck.  It ended up being a little too small for either of the twins.

But I'm proud of the effort I put into it, and now that I have a completely finished garment under my belt, I'm that much more likely to follow through on finishing seams from now on.  In fact, it ended up being such a nice little tunic, I'll be make a gift of it rather than holding onto it for baby #4.

That left me with today to do the gussets.  Then, sometime a bit before lunch, when I would have probably otherwise picked the hose up, Dearg press ganged me into converting an old long-sleeve tunic of his into a sleeveless one.  Since he's outside in the sun at the archery range most of the day, the sleeveless tunic is more comfortable for him.  The original tunic was the first one I'd made for him, and my craftsmanship left something to be desired.  Since I was removing the sleeves anyway, I ripped off the old collar and trim, re-cut the neckline, inserted a new collar piece and hand-stitched it all into place using both yellow silk thread and yellow pearl cotton.  It ended up with "wings", since the sleeves were no longer in place to weigh the shoulders down, but since he raises his arms up to shoot anyway, they'd stretch out that way in the long run.  Check out the transformation:

We'll see what next week brings.  If I can stop procrastinating, and focus on my own garb, it should bring a new pair of hose.

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