Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Blog

This weekend I made the decision to close my other blog, The Anachronits' Encampment, due to a veritable lack of having anything to post there.  When I started it, we had a different financial situation, but shortly afterward, we had to channel our extra funds to other projects and improving our kit ended up being at the bottom of the pile.  I had really hoped for that blog to be successful, but it's difficult for anything that relies on money to be successful these days!  Thank you to all of you that supported it while it existed!

The decision to close that blog was also instigated by my desire to start another.  I'd like to introduce you to Growing Up Medieval, a new blog dedicated to the "lifestyle" of being an anachronistic family.  I will be sharing a wide range of things, including experience and advice, but also projects and inspiration.  I've outlined a few of my plans within the first post, and I expect to add more as the blog grows.

I know that my experiences with children at events aren't unique.  I hope that, by sharing my perspective as a parent with such an "unusual" hobby as medieval recreation, I can help other anachronists find the balance and fun in including children in our hobby.  There's an important line, however, that I also hope to show.  Our children, especially young ones like mine, must understand the difference between (in my case) the SCA world and the modern "real" world.  We all want our children to be well-liked at school, and helping to define the boundaries between our pretend world and the mundane world is a challenge and a requirement.  Growing Up Medieval, therefore, will approach child-rearing from the point of view of a modern family with a medieval hobby.

I'll begin posting regularly in mid-August (after giving everyone a chance to settle back in after Pennsic).  If you're a "modern medieval" parent, please check it out.  If you aren't, please share the link anyway!

I will, of course, also be maintaining this blog, but please bare with me over the next month as I get my ducks in a row between the two.  I don't have any projects to share with you this week (I focused on modern sewing this weekend), but I'll be starting my black wool hose this week.  Stay tuned for that!

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