Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miss Me?

Shamefully, I have to admit I've done absolutely nothing on any projects for the past two weeks.  Several mundane-world things all happened at the same time, and I also haven't been interested in doing any hand-sewing lately.  I'm also holding out for a break from the heat- it hasn't been very conducive to productivity.  Especially being pregnant.

I've been working on something special for the next event.  I'll be teaching a class on 14th & 15th century women's clothing in France, Flanders and England, and I thought it would be nice to present the basics in a similar format to the drawings I did to visualize my garb quest.  So, in addition to actually pulling the text for the class together, I've got several fun little garb drawings to do. 

It would be nice to have a new dress to wear at the event, so I'm putting my garb quest hose and smock on hold just to get the blue test dress done.  I've decided that I'm not going to to line it, except to line the hems for strength.  I need to make some adjustments to my straight front pattern (the one I developed for the grey wool dress), including making it work as a front-laced pattern with integrated skirt, instead of a waist-seam kirtle with no front seam.  There are also some adjustments to the arms, shoulders and neckline that need to be made.  Since this is just a test dress, I'll sew the major seams using the machine, but leave the button and buttonholes on the sleeves, and the eyelet holes for the lacing to do by hand.  Just need to figure out what thread I have that I can use for that.  I'll try to force myself to finish the seams too, since I'm fine with doing that with the machine as well. 

Hopefully I have enough fabric for long sleeves- I think I only have 4 yards of 60in linen- but if not, I may have enough to do some Christine de Pisan-type flap sleeves, fully lined with white linen.

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