Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Garb for the Boy

So with some of my pressing projects done or well underway, I took some time to create a new outfit for Owen. He isn't really in need of one- we've got a couple of good hand-me-down tunics that still fit him well- but sometimes I just feel the need to make nice new clothes for my little boy.

Owen's built for 14th century. He's lean and has a long torso. He's at the stage now, however, that I need to make things a little loose in order to last longer than one wearing, so I can't make his tunics quite as fitted as I'd like. He's kind of small still, but I'm pretty sure he'll keep his long and lean frame even as an adult. I think Dearg's pretty much resigned himself to me dressing Owen 14th century garb. Not to would be a huge waste!

He's been wearing garb since he was 2 weeks old, and he loves it. He even already seems to understand that we wear garb for special events, and though we try them on at home, they aren't regular clothes. I'll be so sad if the day ever comes that he thinks dressing up dumb.

He's got three new pieces. The short-sleeved undertunic is white linen. The parti-colored tunic is also linen. The gray is yarn-dyed, and the natural is solid. I counter-changed the sleeves as well. It took a little extra sewing, but the result was worth it. The hood is from the leftover wool I used for my goller. It's a bit big, but that just means he'll be able to wear it longer.

It's nice to take some time to make quick little garb like this. It's almost instant gratification, and I get a well-dress toddler out of it!

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  1. He looks great! I bet that's because he enjoys wearing garb. And I imagine he enjoys it because it's less constricting than his "normal" clothing. Just a theory.