Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hose Success!

My second hose pattern works! I have to make one or two modifications to the foot, but I now have a viable hose pattern for my garb quest hose!

I had just enough of this lavender linen. It's fairly stretchy which means it slides on really well. My hand sewing on the gussets (barely visible in the photo, but there are gussets on both the inside and outside just in front of the ankle bone) needs a little work, particularly at the points. I use Tasha McGann's method, but I think I need to take a little more time with it.

I'm going to re-draft the pattern to make my adjustments, so I'll start documenting the process of making the wool hose there to share with you.

I've got a handful more projects to get done before this weekend- hope I'm not going too fast for ya'll!


  1. Those look beautiful! Great job! I've got to get moving on my second, revised pair. Are we doing the same pattern?

  2. I believe we are. The bottom of this one is a bit messed up- I have a seam in the middle of the sole that shouldn't be there- but I took your lessons from your green pair and decided to go ahead and do the separate gussets instead of having them already attached. It made a huge difference.

  3. Good to know I'm on the right track :) They look really do look great, very smooth fitting! I have a whole new appreciation for hard that is to achieve.