Sunday, April 11, 2010

German-ish Outfit Complete!

I had a mad dash Friday night to try to get everything ready for the event on Saturday, but my German-ish outfit was completed and looked awesome!

I did not have to adjust my rust colored linen dress, like I thought I would. All I did was wear my fitted underdress. That put everything in the right place, which is amazing when you realize that I didn't originally cut the rust dress to be worn over the fitted dress. You can see that it's a bit tight over the top of my baby belly, where I'm currently the largest, but it didn't feel tight while I wore it.

I ended up using my prototype wulsthaube and rectangular linen veil, mainly because I ran out of week to work on the real thing. I primarily used Herrin Emeludt Hänsler's method by using a triangular kerchief and pinning the end corner to the padded roll. I had also sewn a cap piece onto the roll, similar to Myra's, but it's too curved at the front. It basically helped me keep the roll in the donut shape, though. Really, it's the veil that kept everything in place. I had to take the whole thing off and readjust at some point in the middle of the day because gravity had started to work against me and the whole thing was slipping off the back of my head. Once I redid all the parts much tighter that I had originally done, everything stayed in place. You can see in the photos above that I just knotted the veil together at the base of my neck. I think the roll is too small- it doesn't stick up high enough when you look at me straight on. Overall, though, I think my prototype worked out well.

Of course I also wore my new goller. It was very comfortable. I did notice, however, that it doesn't quite fit right. I think the original pattern worked for the original goller because I did such a crappy job putting the frog clap on that the large gap at the opening compensated for the incorrect fit. Now that the gap is remedied, the poor incorrect fit is more apparent. I'm probably the only one to notice, though.

We kind of had a matching outfit thing going on as a family. Not exactly matching, but we all clearly belong to each other. The yellow is exactly the same on all three of us. Dearg and I are in the planning stages for some new garb for him, he's been wearing this particular outfit to every event since we went to Michigan last year. He's doing early 11th century Irish Norse, and his persona just converted to Christianity. The issue we have now is that we need to be looking less at Viking garb and more at Irish garb, of which there is little to find. He is not portraying a "Celt", as we often see them in the SCA, but rather a middle class norseman who happens to have an Irish mother. He's not a raider, which also makes pinpointing his garb needs a bit difficult.

Since I don't plan on making too much more garb for myself this summer, most of my projects will be for him. We need to stock up on more fabric, though.

I was also able to put together Owen's new cotehardie Friday night. It was actually pretty easy. There's no side seams (I just cut the arm holes along the folds). It fits him really well, and I (finally) got it long enough. This is the perfect style for him, since he's got that long torso. And the red tights really made the outfit. I think I made it large enough that it should still fit in May for Coronation, but I can add gores if I need to.

Mom also looked splendid. She didn't plan on it, but she had a Lutrell Psalter look going on. I gave her my smocked apron, since it's more appropriate for 14th century than 15th. She wore her 14th century open hood and St. Birgitta's coif, and the outfit was complete!

Up next? Relaxing.