Sunday, August 2, 2009

Definitely back in the saddle

I pulled all my fabric out to take inventory and get it off the floor. I didn't realize I had as much as I did (not that I have as much as I could...), and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. I'd spotted a neat idea of using a rod and hangers to organize fabric in the new IKEA catalog, and since I had several baby hangers that Owen doesn't need right now, I decided to use those. We have a semi-permanent clothes line in the living room, so that's where every thing's hanging for the moment. Most of them already have a purpose, or at least a idea.

From right to left:
1. purple linen for Dearg's tunic,
2. patterned cotton I've had kicking around for a few years- it hasn't "spoken" to me yet,
3. off-white striped linen for veil(s) of some type,
4. cheap green fabric I'm using for the fitted dress pattern,
5. cotton for Owen's new under-shirt and sleeveless outer tunic,
6. scraps and odds & ends of white/off-white,
7. leftover maroon flannel from 14th century open hood,
8. white something (it has an embossed pattern all over it) with no purpose,
9. dark blue linen for new heraldic burgundian dress,
10. odds and ends of various fabrics (there is an orange Hawaiian print in there),
11. pale green fabric for large carrysack (same as Owen's carrysack),
12. slightly fulled brown wool for buttoned hood,
13. gold linen for sleeves of heraldic burgundian,
14. black wool for 15th century open hood,
15. brown linen with no current purpose (may use for Owen's new pants),
16. heavy white cotton that I may use for wulsthaube,
17. pieces for Dearg's small half-circle banner,
18. brown linen for Dearg's pants, and
19. linen-cotton pieces for fitted underdress.

The only thing missing for the projects I've got in my primary pile is the teal wool, as my mom has that. She also has several other pieces of my fabric, but none of them have a purpose right now.

Once I could actually get to my sewing machine (and after spraining my pinky toe!) I immediately got to work. First, I whipped up a linen fillet and barbet that will be a gift for a friend. Then I sewed together Owen's new undershirt (above). The sleeves still need to be hemmed.

Then, this morning, I threw together a pin case (above & below). I really needed one, and I'm taking too long on the embroidered one. I used some of the pretty bird trim I bought at Border Raids last year (over a year ago!), and made a four-strand flat finger loop braid (from embroidery floss) to tie it closed. The exterior is some of the same blue wool I used for my first open hood, and the inside is white linen.

It's a good feeling to get stuff done.