Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new hat project

I've started to formulate a plan for my new class, and I think it will work pretty well. Instead of a demonstrative class like my veil class (where I actually put the veils on), I'm planning to do more of a slide-slow/description class. I'll print out 11" x 14" color images of the various 15th century headdress worn by upper class women and use them as the visuals while I discuss each one. I'll also have a black & white note version for the attendees. In addition to the "slides", I'll also display my hats to use as props when I talk about recreating the looks.

I have the henin and heart-shaped headdress that I created for my first class on 15th century headdress, and they're passable, but I've been wanting to do a better job on the heart-shaped hat. This new class is the perfect opportunity, and since I don't have any other major projects pressing, a new hat looks to be in order. I've also been promising myself that I'll create a bourelette (horn) headdress. So maybe 2 hats are in order. Because you know I'm always looking for an excuse to make another headdress....

I picked up a remnant of a pale greenish blue faux linen (polyester/rayon blend) that's the perfect width an length for a padded roll. I think I'll use some of that brown linen I've got to create the bourelette (maybe embroider it and add pearly beads). Then the roll can be added to it to fancy it up. There is evidence that these were two separate pieces- Marie-Chantal Cadieux found an example (#15 under "The Forked Hennin"). I'm hoping it will look something like the 3 boureletts in this:

There is a pattern in The Medieval Tailor's Assistant that I'm going to try out, but I find it difficult to translate the patterns (with no measurements) into 3-dimensional reality. I have a feeling there will be some trial and error involved, but how is that not true of everything I make?