Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Look Back

Today is the first nice day we've had in a while, so we may be able to get outside tonight and take a few photos of new garb.  In the meantime, let's take a look back:

July 2001  A not so wonderful picture of me returning to my seat after receiving my Award of Arms.  I'd changed from a dress I wore earlier in the day (a blue velveteen dress), probably because I wasn't comfortable in it.  I wore this striped skirt (a hand-me-down from mom) a lot, and obviously didn't care that my underwear (chemise) was showing.  Every time I look at this photo I wonder if I'm flashing the royalty.

August 2001  Sitting next to the battlefield at my second Pennsic (29).  You can see in this photo (as well as the one above) that I'm incredibly tan.  I'd worked the summer before War at an amusement park- spent three months straight outside.   I love this picture (though Dearg tells me it's one of his least favorites).  I'm wearing an over shirt that went only a little past my waist, then the bright blue skirt.  If memory serves me right, I'm wearing the sleeveless chemise that is now my only chemise.  I did the turban thing a lot that week.  I'd cut my hair just above my shoulders a few weeks earlier, so I needed something to keep it out of my face.  I didn't know anything yet about medieval headdress- I just liked the way the turban looked.

August 2003 This was taken outside the gate of our Baronial encampment at Pennsic 30.  Dearg and I had started dating the Autumn before, and I officially became "fat and happy".  I'd often commented that I felt like I was gaining the weight Dearg was losing- he's so skinny in this photo.  This periwinkle dress was the first one I'd made on my own (the rust-colored dress being the only other one).  I don't know what was going on with the skirt that caused the chromosome-like X's under my boobs.  I also don't have any idea what period we're supposed to be.  We called the dress and Dearg's shirt "cotehardies", but that's a stretch of the imagination.  This is the only matching outfit that Dearg and I ever had.  And I don't think I have that dress anymore.