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What Makes an Outfit Early 15th Century

This series looks at the things that make early 15th century English and French women's clothing distinct from that of the 14th and later 15th centuries. It's easy to assume this is just a period of transition, but while that's true, it also has a style and character of its own.

Part 1: A Curvier Silhouette
Part 2: Lack of Front Opening
Part 3: Headdress Shapes and Types
Part 3 continued

The Basics of French Women's Clothing 1400-1440

In this series, I outline the layers worn by French women of the early 15th century according to manuscript imagery. Social class plays a key role in how a woman dressed, so this series also tackles some of the basic class delineations, along with showing how they were each clothed.

Part 1: Skin & Base Layers 
Part 2: Lower & Middle Classes Gowns 
Part 3: Upper Class Gowns 

Medieval Crafting Skills

Over the course of several months, I shared a tutorial on various textile-related skills relevant to the Middle Ages.

Interlaced Herringbone Insertion Stitch
Plain Weave Inkle Loom Weaving
Pattern Darning
Baltic-Style Pick-Up Inkle Weaving  | Part 2
Long-Arm Cross Stitch
Tying a Turk's Head Knot
Creating a Set-In Sleeve Pattern

My Journey to Becoming an Apprentice

In October of 2014, I approached a Laurel about becoming an apprentice. As a person who suffered from "Peer fear" anxiety, this was a huge step for me, and paved the way to a new-found confidence. Here is the story behind that experience.

In Which Edyth Faces Her Fears
In Which Edyth Obliterates Her Comfort Zone
In Which Edyth Gains a Family

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