About Me

Most people know me as Edyth Miller, a Laurel in the Society of Creative Anachronsims, Inc. I've been off-and-on involved with the SCA for over 20 years, and in that time, I have discovered a passion for various medieval crafts. I focus on topics related to women's clothing from the 14th and 15th centuries, using the SCA as a platform to sew garb (the primary subject of this site), create embroideries, and do hobby research. In September of 2017, I was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for my efforts in these areas. I reside in the South Oaken region of the Midrealm.

While I like to expand my crafts into other areas from time to time, my SCA persona is an early 15th Century Franco-Flemish master tailor.

When participating in Living History events, I portray Pernelle du Marchant, a Franco-Flemish seamstress working as an assistant for a tailor’s workshop in the St. Giles areas of Bruge, circa 1415. 

In real life, I live in a rural area outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I have 4 kids, and along with my husband, we share our home with my mother. I am a marketing designer in my mundane career. I also do watercolor painting, will occasionally scrapbook, and I also knit.

Please feel free to message me on Facebook, or click here to email me. I'm also open to speaking with you in person at events. If you spot me, let's chat!