Sunday, May 10, 2015

On My Worktable

As we head into summer (and it's been so hot, it like summer is already here), my project list is starting to thin out. Which is good, because I don't like having too many things on my list when it's time for all that fun family stuff that happens in the summer months. Let's face it, it's more fun to hang out in the pool on a hot day than to sew a dress inside. That being said, I do have a handful on projects in the works that still need attention.

Last week, I started work on the last dress I'll sew for a while (at least until fall). This year has already been incredibly productive on the dress front, but I had one more piece of fabric in my stash that finally "spoke" to me. I've been wanting to have a surcoat for the 1390's since Gulf Wars, and the chocolate brown wool I've had since last year is perfect for it. Yes, yes, I know. Wool in summer. But Gulf Wars allowed me to appreciate that while wool is not ideal for 80+ temps, it's not the worst thing either. As long as I make smart decisions about how I wear a wool dress, and don't stand out in the sun, it's not all that much more uncomfortable than wearing a few layers of linen. After all, hot is hot, not matter how you slice it.

Stab stitching on the edge of the front opening. Buttons and buttonholes pending.
The dress is assembled (I used the same pattern I've been using all year), but is still missing sleeves. Over the next few days, I'll concentrate my efforts on the exterior finishing. My goal with the garment is to achieve well-crafted detailing by putting my hand-sewing skills to best use. 

I have several embroideries in-progress, but I haven't felt like working on them. At the moment, I'm finishing up the last of three Queens' favors I'm contributing for Pennsic. I also have my linen alms purse and silk bag, but I haven't touched either of those in quite a bit.

I started a bag using long-arm cross stitch and a pattern I created from an extant piece. The two sides of the orginal pouch are essentially color reversed, which it neat. The figures are harpies- head of a woman, body of a bird, tail of a snake. Bizarre and beautiful. The spaces between the harpies have letters, but I couldn't distinguish what they are (and they probably don't spell and English word anyway). I haven't figured out what I'll do in the spaces in my version.

The big embroidery project is the tunic I need completed by July 4th. I've shown this in the past, and unfortunately, not much about it has changed. Once my new dress is complete, however, I'm putting the brakes on everything but that tunic. Get-er-done, as they say.

There are other projects of a secretive nature. Hush, hush, and all that. I always have those, though. I try to fit them in when and how I can, but they do definitely fill out the project list.

What about you? What's on your work table?

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