Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outfit for Archer

I haven't been slacking off, I promise!  I'm just not making any real progress on much of anything other than some garb for Archer.

We'll be going to Better War Through Archery in February with just Archer (fitting, no?), so I needed to come up with some suitable garb for him.  I decided to sacrifice one of the gowns we'd make for the twins (Kara's brown one, in fact) to create a new tunic.  Essentially all I did was cut it down and remove the excess in the "skirt".  Combined with a pair of modern tan pants, the look is kind of boring (though the pleating detail on the tunic is pretty cool).  To punch it up a bit, I grabbed the leftovers from Dearg's red hood and will make a little pair of wool booties and a tiny linen hood.

The hood is kind of a fake- it's not really meant to go over his head, but I cut it to look like it could.  I'm going to do some kind of fastener at the front (maybe velcro) for easy removal.  For the booties, I found a tutorial from The Purl Bee I came across on Pinterest, but instead of leaving the seam allowance on the outside, I'll turn the shoes inside out.  I'll probably also put together a little linen coif for him, just to make sure his head stays warm.

In addition to Archer's little outfit, I'm making a quick cover for a pillow to help me breastfeed him at the event.  It's nothing special, just some herringbone upholstery fabric I've been holding onto for a couple years.

I've also done some experiments and decided that my new linen apron will be finished just using a sage green linen floss I received for Christmas and nothing fancier than a regular hem stitch.  The green is subtle enough to not be glaring, but might catch the eye of a closer glance.  My objective is to achieve the most even stitches I can over the entire length of the (rather sizable) hem.  This pretty much translates to: "Take your time, Edyth."

In other news, I decided to jump on board with the 2012 Pay It Forward challenge that came across Facebook the other day.  I signed up to receive something handmade from one of my friends, and in return, I had to offer to make something handmade to the first 5 people that posted to my status.  I was only able to get 3 people to sign up (who have to pay it forward as well).  I'm still waiting to hear from two of them to find out what they'd like from me, but I will be doing at least one illuminated painting.  I haven't done any illumination for a while, so it will be nice to pick up a pen and brush again.  For the remaining two items, I've decided to still do my part and make two veil and pin case sets to give to my Baroness for her to use as gifts however she sees fit.

This has prompted me to re-evaluate my project pile, but there's nothing like having too many fun things to do- at least I won't get bored!

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