Sunday, September 11, 2011

Event Recap & Dress Success

Summer event season is now over for me and the family- Harvest Day is typically the last hoorah before we pack up the camping gear.  We had not had an opportunity to take the twins to a camping event earlier in the year, so this was the first.  It did not go well.  It was pretty chilly Friday night and the twins aren't accustomed the having to sleep in their playpens. Somewhere around 2am, we brought them into the bed with us, but they did not like the air mattress any more than the playpens (though they clearly enjoyed how much warmer it was sleeping next to us).  The camp itself was not at all family friendly, and it was very difficult for us adults to actually fall asleep.  So, about 3am, we retreated to the van in the parking lot.  Dearg slept in the back with the twins and I stayed in the front so I could turn the heat on if it started getting chilly.  It wasn't ideal, and the twins still had issues, but we all got at least an hour of uninterrupted sleep sometime between 4 and 6am. During the day, it was hard for everyone to make it out of the camp, since we didn't have a day camp set up near the field, and it was a bit of a walk.  Owen was also being a stubborn 3 year old, which worked pretty quickly on everyone's nerves.

My class was during the first time slot, which is pretty tricky to have success with.  My first students were about 15 minutes late, and another group showed up about 10 minutes after that.  I rushed through everything to get it all in, but I don't think I missed any really important things.  Overall, I think it went very well (all things considered) and it is definitely a class I will teach again.  I'll be uploading the class notes when I re-do my website, so keep an eye out for that.  I think you'll like them- they're a coloring book!

What was really good about the event, however, was how successful my blue linen test dress ended up being.  I got it to a mostly-finished state Friday morning (finished enough to wear) but there's still work to be done on it.  I sewed the sleeves up, rather than doing the buttons, and there are no lacing eyelets (mom literally sewed me into the dress Saturday morning!)  There's also the finishing work on the sleeve and hem that still need to be done.  I do think, though, that I will open the sleeve seams back up and do the buttons.  And the eyelets. 

The fit was great!  It stretched, obviously, but even at the end of the day, it looked good.  And it was very comfortable.  There are a few adjustments to make: it ended up being a bit too long, so I need to turn the hem up a bit, and I think I may need to tighten the sleeves a little.  I'm pretty proud of myself, though, for finally achieving a dress that performed so well, looks good in photos, and was so easy to wear.  So, in terms of the end result (and not having anything to do with the test aspect of this dress) I count it as a success!

I didn't manage to get a good picture of my mom's outfit, but she and I inadvertently matched.  She wore her blue kirtle (a bit darker than mine) and her 14th century red hood.  It was kind of silly, but at the same time it was pretty neat that we were, as a pair, showing the same look in two different centuries.

I also scored an awesome deal on a very nice worsted wool- 5 yards for only $35!!  It's one of those great ambiguous colors that looks different depending on the setting- it's a greenish-brownish-gray.  Lightweight and smooth, too.  It will make a very nice kirtle... perhaps to go under an overkirtle made of this.

So, for the time being, I've got no projects other than my website update.  We're moving into a new house this month, so once I get my sewing stuff together and settled, I'll have a better idea of what to work on through the winter.

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