Thursday, August 25, 2011

One step forward...two steps back

I sewed the sleeves onto the blue dress this afternoon, and when I put it back on for some photos, I discovered that something had gone wrong with the fit.  I had been wearing it when we started the manhunt for the camera the other day, and it had started to loosen up.  I believe that it fits so poorly now because of that.  There are too many areas that are now wrong, though, for me to try to fix myself.  So I'm recruiting the big guns for help- mom to the rescue!

This has actually enlightened something for me, though.  I've never had a dress so tight that I couldn't pull it off without unlacing it.  I'm wondering now if this has less to do with my narrow shoulders (as I previously thought) and more to do with the natural act of the fabric being too tight when I make the dress.  Giving the fabric a chance to stretch out by wearing it for a bit, I have an opportunity to make it tighter.  After I wash it, the next time I try putting it on, I'm likely to find no alternative but to actually use the lacing for its real purpose.

This is certainly turning out to be quite a lucrative test dress!

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