Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garb Quest- Some Progress

I spent some time yesterday working on my huvet, and now it's ready for the embroidery along the front edge. I had already decided that I didn't want to do the diagonal stitches on the Saint Birgitta's cap, which Machteld reproduced recently. I thought perhaps a chevron stitch, done in two lines would be nice, but I couldn't find any real information about the stitch to date it to the 15th century. I settled on the herringbone stitch, which is pretty plain, but relatively easy. I don't like that the stitch is pretty loose, though. So when I was doing some sample stitches to help me make a decision, I randomly stitched across a few of the X's in the stitch to tack them down. It made the overall stitch look tighter, and also added a nice but simple flourish. So now I'm just brainstorming the best way to keep the stitches even without having to resort to marking up the linen or using more than the 8 straight pins I allotted myself for the garb quest.

This morning I decided to sacrifice one of my purple linen hose for the sake of a pattern. I marked out the changes I needed to make to the pattern while I wore it, then cut along my new lines. I uses a scrap piece of flannel and made a new mockup that I'll keep as my pattern. The fit is nice, though the ankle isn't as tight as I'd like. If I made it tighter, though, I won't be able to get my heel through when I put it on.

I really need to be meticulous when I sew the gussets on. I made the same mistake on both when I sewed the mockup together this morning- my stitches at the top were visible when I turned it inside out and flattened it. I think I'm stitching too far in at the top point. Sewing nice clean gussets is pretty important on the hose, so I'm thinking that I need to pull out some scraps and practice a few times.

Speaking of practice, I did a quick little button hole yesterday as well and it turned out really well. I've never done button holes by hand, so that's pretty encouraging. I made the hole itself too small, but the buttonhole stitch was nice and even. I'm not going to rest on that, though- I need to do some more practice. I also need to practice making the buttons. So maybe I'll just do the whole shebang- make the button, stitch it on, then sew the button holes. I'd rather take the time to practice on scraps than wing it and screw it up on the real deal.

The final project for this weekend is to get the measurements for the smock together, and maybe marked out on the linen. I've settled on the pattern, and since the smock is loose in the body, I need to get it done soon- before my baby belly really starts to get in the way. I already know that the gowns will have to wait (since I can't be guaranteed that my fitted pattern will still be right after I have the baby), so everything else needs to be done before December, including the accessories I've decided to make myself.

Productivity is nice- even if it only comes in spurts.

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