Sunday, January 16, 2011

Garb Quest and Misc. Items

Well, I would have been happy to report that my hose pattern is done, but I screwed it up. Not surprising, which is why I wanted to do a pattern first! There were too many things to figure out at once, but what ultimately messed it up was that I fitted them once, removed them to make sure I could get them on and off, then didn't get them in the right place once they were back on. Thinking that I'd just not fitted them enough the first time around, I fitted them more and made them too small!

I was trying to do a pattern from Medieval Tailor's Assistant with gussets, but I think I'll do a different version with no gussets. Racaire's red wool hose were a version of the non-gusset type and turned out great. Plus, I think they're better suited to my patterning abilities, which are definitely at the beginner level.

I wasn't able to get any white linen at Joann's, and the only neutral colored linen was a dark gray that there wasn't enough of. I got the gray anyway, almost 3 yards, not sure what I could do with it. It may become a Viking apron dress. My mom made a heraldic tablet-woven trim, but I never had anything to put it on. There might be just enough to decorate the top of an apron dress.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I've picked up several books from the library, including a few volumes of Medieval Clothing and Textiles, and a couple of other similar clothing/textile article collections. Not all of it is useful for my garb project in particular, but it's been helpful for just general knowledge about the 15th century.

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