Thursday, June 17, 2010

Working Too Fast for Pictures

Occasionally, not often mind you, I get working on something at such a break-neck pace that I don't stop to take photos of my progress. Which is good for me- it means I have one more thing to cross of my project pile. But bad for you- I don't have the visual reference to how I accomplished it. Such is the case for my new red hood. I promise that I will have pictures of it after Border Raids. In the mean time, I will tell you that I created it from a single piece of a lightweight linen/cotton which was folded at the front to create a self lining. I also machine sewed the entire thing (which is probably why it took me no time at all to complete), including the gussets. Now that was a trick. I don't recommend sewing gussets with the machine if the piece needs to be perfect. This, lucky me, didn't need to be. I just really wanted a linen hood for the summer, but I still intend to make a hand-sewn 100% linen red hood in the future. This hood isn't really red- it's more of a russet or light brick-red. And I made the liripipe incredibly long. So long, in fact, that it touches the ground. I'll need to shorten it, but for now I'm just getting a kick out of having a liripipe that long.

I've only got one more "must" sewing project before Border Raids- my new linen smock- but then I have to compile the notes for my 3-part class series, paint an award scroll, draft the design for Dearg's Irish coat collar (so I have it to work on at the event), and if I still have time, try to quickly sew together a new unlined linen v-neck gown. I accidentally shrunk one of the dresses I intended to wear, and the other is my black dress- which is fine for court and evening, but may not be comfortable for the day.

And I'm 7 months pregnant with twins to boot. I love this hobby.