Sunday, April 4, 2010

In Progress: German-ish Outfit

I made a last minute decision yesterday morning that I would do a German-inspired outfit for Unicorn, based mainly on the fact that I had all the materials on hand to pull it off.

The first element is my rust colored fitted dress, which I first wore a year ago:

I love the color, but it didn't turn out as fitted as I'd hoped. It is only one layer of linen/rayon, which is part of it's failure. The other part is that I hadn't been wearing it with my fitted underdress. So the first order of business for this dress is to try it on with my underdress and do some tailoring to get the fit corrected.

The second element is my goller. You may remember that I started wearing a very makeshift goller back in December of 2008:

(Isn't he so tiny?!) I decided that I wanted one after seeing Myra's, but I hadn't really been very serious about it until I decided the day before the event that I wanted it. I purchased some tan felt (not even clothing grade), faux gray fur, and a frog clasp, then whipped the whole thing together at the 11th hour. I did a very bad hand sewing job (I didn't have a sewing machine yet), and I completely misplaced the frog clasp. I always told myself that I would redo it, but I put it off. I've been wearing it ever since (I even wore it last weekend) because it's functional, and better than a full cloak. My mom had given me some wool for a new one, but the black she gave me ended up being my open hood. I still had the brown, however, and finally convinced myself that I could use that and the brown linen I had to try the goller again. I'll be re-using the frog clasp, cutting up the old one for the pattern. Plus, the wool/linen combo will be worlds better than the polyester felt and faux fur.

The third element will be a wulsthaube. This is a completely new item that's been in my project pile for a long time now. I think I was putting it off initially because I didn't think I had the right materials, then because I wasn't doing German. But I've got the linen that I need (including a very lightweight linen for the steuchlein), so I think it's time to give it a go. I've looked at a few construction methods online, and I think I'll end up with a hodge-podge mix of them, since they all kind of make sense. Luckily, my recent antenna veil headband form has really helped give me a better understanding of these sorts of shaped headdresses and the best ways to keep them in place.

The fourth and final element will be a new pair of false sleeves. The rust dress is short sleeved, and so is my underdress, so I'll need the sleeves for the outdoor event. I have a gold linen/rayon that I had already decided was going to be sleeves, but I'm not yet sold on the way that will look with the rust. I have brown as well, though, which would work.

Hopefully I continue to feel this spunky all week, so that I can also complete a new outfit for Owen. I want to use the brown and gold linen I just mentioned to create a counterchanged cotehardie for him. He's got the perfect long torso for it. I also have a cotton fabric, with an odd floral/paisley kind of pattern on it, that I never really had plans for. I'm going to make a little hood out of it, lined in some off-white linen-look I have kicking around. The colors will match the brown and gold (as well as my rust dress). Some people think it's silly to make fancy garb for young children, but I personally find it fun. He uses very little fabric, and I get to make male garb in periods I wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to. Plus, he always gets compliments on his outfits.

So, expect a bunch of posts from me this week as I share my progress on all this!