Sunday, April 4, 2010

German Outfit Update

So far I have:
  1. Done all the major sewing on the new goller (above). I'm hand sewing it, and since the wool is a dense flannel, it's not a fast process. All that is left is to whip stitch the opening (where I turned it right-side out), then to stitch all along the outside edge to straighten it up. Oh, and to add the frog clasp.
  2. Decided to use the gold linen for the sleeves. Since the goller has two shades of brown, the third shade of the brown I could have used was too much variation. I'm still not sold on the gold, but I wanted them anyway, and it will be better than the brown.
  3. Created a working prototype of the wulsthaube (above) using some scrap cotton. I've got a few issues to fix before I do it in linen, but if push comes to shove, this will suffice. I've got to do some fitting adjustments, mainly. I also need to make the roll longer. If I don't get the sheer veil done, my old rectangular veil will work (that's what I'm wearing above).

So far, so good!

P.S. Here's a thought: if I do fabric buttons and loops along the two sides of the opening, the goller will be completely reversable. Hmmmm.