Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Event

We had a wonderful event yesterday at Ceilidh. Very busy. My husband, Dearg, authorized in rapier fighting, my mother, Elspeth, was promoted to Kingdom Signet. I taught my class on women's medieval headdress. I had 5 people attend. It went very well, but I had to speak very loudly to be heard over the fighting, so my throat hurt at the end. I followed my outlined pretty well, only got tripped up once or twice, and I had a lot of fun. Everyone complimented me on how good the class was afterward.

On the garb front, I had planned on wearing a new dress that I was making. It's a rusty-orange linen fitted dress, but I sewed it wrong not once, not twice, but three times. That was enough for me to not touch it again for a while. I haven't sewn a dress for myself for several years, so this is still kind of a new thing for me. I did, however, make a 14th century open hood to wear yesterday.

I used this example of Isis's open hood (look for the "Open Kaproen" entry- it's in Dutch) as my starting point, but I had found the image below some time before- it just took me a while to correlate the two. This one is from the Lutrell Psalter, a 14th century manuscript. Isis shows other period images with her re-creation.

I used a soft maroon flannel for the outside and white medium weight linen for the lining. I then crocheted a chain using 100% grey wool yarn and stitched it around the edge.

We jokingly call it "The Gonzo Hood" because it looks kind of like Gonzo's nose. I think this one is my current favorite. I've been wearing the Flemish Kerchief (I've been experimenting with different ways wear it), but this one is really fun and very distinctive. I talked about it in my class and now my mom wants one. My evil plan is working....

Late Friday evening I made a little jacket for Owen out of green linen. It's not really done- it needs buttons instead of the tie I've got on there now. Despite him being in green, people still thought he was a girl. We're suspecting that it's the coif, so we're going to nix that for the next event, even though it's appropriate for his age. I may need to put him in blue.

The booties are suede with a knit lining that my mom picked up for him the other day- he got a lot of complements on them.

He was supposed to be wearing black leggings, but I forgot to look for some last time we were at the store. He really kind of needed them, though. After I get the buttons on and get the hose, I think this outfit will look a bit better. Not that he isn't adorable anyway.

I purchased The Medieval Tailor's Assistant yesterday. It has an extensive section on headdress at the end- that was my main reason for picking it up. It also has patterns for a large number of medievel clothes for both men and women (as well as a small section on children's garb). I've been meaning to get Dearg into a 15th century outfit, so this book will really help.

That's all I've got today.