Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop by and Say "Hi"!

I'll be teaching my new class: "Cover Your Head: A general overview of woman's headwear in the Middle Ages" at Ceilidh (Middle Kindgom event) on March 7th at 2pm. I'll be discussing a broad spectrum of head coverings from early, middle and late period (though I'll focus more on those from the 14th and 15th centuries) to give attendees a basis of knowledge for going out and making their own. I won't be discussing too much technique of creation- the focus is more on providing general information about each style as a start for further research on your own. I will have all 15 (yes- I replaced my Saint Birgitta's cap with a different one- but more on that after I complete it) of my personal headdresses, as well as a borrowed one or two, as physical examples to show during the class.

If you attend, please stop me afterward to let me know you heard about the class from my blog!