Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can I add more to the pile yet?

I picked up a few yards of material today for my new long-legged breeches. It's 60% Linen/40% Cotton, white, and very soft. $5.40/yard (40% off). It's the best of both worlds- the authenticity of linen, with the softness and breathability of cotton. I just need to remind myself to use it for the breeches, not an apron.

I also picked up the pieces to make a 14"x10" embroidery frame. It needs a little help, but I'll post more on that tomorrow on the other blog.

I've almost got the rust dress completed. I went to put the sleeves on, though, and realized I'd reached the limits of my dress making skills. I'm going to ask my mom to put the sleeves on and take it in for me (I used an old pattern that isn't very fitted), then I'll hem it all up and have it to wear next weekend.

I was noticing today that I'm getting a pretty good amount of fabric piled up. I need to do something about that....