Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paternoster and Misc. Thoughts

Here's an example of a paternoster. I think I'd like to do one of these with the glass beads I'll be getting (see previous post). My persona is of the "generically religious" type, so a paternoster with a tassle instead of a cross suits me.

On an different note, Dearg got a carload of leather yesterday. There are some really nice pieces/colors, and I already claimed one for a new pouch. Since I still haven't located the black ring pouch I made several months ago, I'm in desperate needs of a new pouch. I'm thinking of doing something kind of like this.

And I'm also thinking about putting together a shoulder bag like the white one in this photo (from Nina and Konrad's Homepage- a site I often go to for inspiration). Not sure what I'll use to make it, though. I've got fabric odds and ends all over the place, so I've really got no idea what I have. Since I'm snowed in right now, I might make that today's project: find all my fabric and sort it. Or that might just be a pipe dream.