Sunday, December 7, 2008

You Look Marvelous!

Went to Christmas Tourney yesterday and had a great time. We were early enough that we missed the accident on 71 that held everyone else up, so we were able to get a fairly good spot in the large hallway outside the main room. Not sure that building was the best location for the event (too broken up and got crowded very quickly), but we had a nice nook right next to the bathrooms and drinking fountains. For the first time since Push for Pennsic, the household (Clan Bredi) was together, so we got a household picture:

My husband, Lord Dearg Ailfredsson, is standing, Lord Tedric of Stratford is kneeling,
my mom (the head of the household), THL Elspeth Clerk, is in the chair and I'm on the floor.

From a garb standpoint this was a "milemarker" event for me. Though the dress I was wearing was not new, we took it in earlier in the week to fit it a bit better. Mom ended up taking about 2.5" out of the two back seams (each) and another inch or so out of the front seams. So this is the first event post-pregnancy that I wore a dress that actually fit properly. Which made a huge difference!

Looking at the photo, I see that my belt looks to be digging into my belly, but that really is the way I'm shaped, so I can't complain too much. You know how photos always seem to add 10 pounds? I'm OK with the way I look in this picture, so if that means I'm 10 pounds lighter than this, that's great!

I'm wearing the Flemish kerchief head wrap I made last month. I think next time I'll make it a point to iron the fold out of the center so I don't have that point at the front. It worked great; I only adjusted it once, mainly because I didn't get it tight enough when I put it on the first time so my hair kept escaping.

I'm also wearing a goller (pronounced "goy-er", I'm told) I threw together the night before (bought the fabric, created a pattern, cut and sewed it together within 5 1/2 hours). I got the idea for it from Myra who did the Durer dress I'm trying to make from an old pink linen dress, found here. Mine is kind of crappy if you look at it close up, so I'll need to pull it apart and re-do the seams to be cleaner. I used a piece of camel colored wool felt that I got from the discounted scrap bin and a piece of gray faux short -hair fur. The frog is in the wrong place, so there's a larger gap at the front than I intended there to be, but it still looked good. It's stiff because of the felt, but I think if I'm a bit rough with it, eventually it will loosen up.

Myra is also wearing a wulsthaube headdress on that page. I spoke with a lady during the event who always wears one of these, and I think I'll add one to my project pile. It's very German- I must be leaning towards German 15th century these days.

Speaking of projects, I worked on the smocked apron during the day, and it's almost done! I just need to sew the waist band on and that project is complete. If I'd known the apron was going to take this long and literally drain my energy to make, I wouldn't have started it, but the hard part (all that smocking) is done, so I might-as-well finish it.

Finally, I need to share this photo of Owen looking absolutely adorable in his 15th century garb (and Dearg wearing a silly santa hat).

Unlike his Viking garb, which is just a miniature version of his father's garb, this outfit is period for a baby (and is appropriate for much of the medieval period, not just the 15th century). He's also completely outgrown the Viking garb at this point. I'm very glad I decided to get the fleece instead of wool, because he spent most of the day slobbering all over himself! He's wearing a muslin undershirt as well, so when he got a little hot, we could take the overshirt (more like a dress) off. The coif is a little big on him now, but he'll grow into it.

He'll be a lady killer, that's for sure.