Sunday, July 31, 2016

See you at Pennsic!

I'm working hard to get my list of projects done before next week, when I'll be at Pennsic War. Several of the things on my list are taking me outside my comfort zone. Which is all good. It's good to feel challenged sometimes.

As always, if you will be at Pennsic, and you spot me, please come and say hi. I remember all the moments when one of you has surprised me with a hello (even if I don't always remember the details). Even if I'm with someone (except, perhaps if I happen to be in the company of crown royalty), please still stop me. I promise you that my friends will not mind. (Or if they do, that's my problem, not yours.) We're all in this together, please don't be shy!
I will also, again, be doing my #whatedythwore Facebook posts each day at War. Like my Facebook page to see what I've decided to wear for the day. Then if you are on site, you can play your own fun version of "Spot the Edyth".

I'll be back to the blog on Aug. 21, hopefully after all the garb has been washed and all the camp stuff put away, and when I can evaluate my experience.

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  1. Edyth - Some day I will get to meet you at Pennsic. Maybe even next year! :)Have a great time!