Sunday, November 22, 2015

Taking a Moment in the In-Between

Last weekend I attended the Known World Costuming Symposium, an SCA event that invited all those interested in costuming to come and connect with each other. The day was full of classes, on a wide range of costuming topics, but the best part of the day for me was meeting others who share my interests who I would typically not have had a chance to meet.

These types of events, which happen in different formats throughout the year, are also great occasions to pause and evaluate. I come away from symposium experiences thinking deeply about where I am in my personal journey, and about the projects I choose to fill my time with.

This year, I have been a maker. Productivity and inspiration have definitely been on my side. So much so that I no longer have a fabric stash to tap into. Which is both odd and relieving. But I'm going to take it for what it is- a moment "in-between".

It rarely lines up like this- that I've got no projects weighing heavily on the to do list, while I'm also feeling particularly introspective. It's nice to actually have the opportunity to stop and think about what should be next, and not just grab the next thing that happens to be on the pile.

I want to celebrate this time to think, research, plan, and of course build my stash back up. I've got reading to catch up on, such as working through a translation of Le Ménagier de Paris I've put off for several years. I've got a research project I love, but have barely worked on. I've got projects in progress that I need to make the hard call on weather I will finish them, abandon them, or let them sit a while longer.

I think that capturing these types of moments, rather than pressuring ourselves to get on to the next thing, makes it possible for us to improve in a different way than what practice can offer. I am reminded, yet again, of what Maya Angelou told us:

You've got to give yourself the chance to know what "better" is on occasion.

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