Sunday, February 9, 2014

Alms Purse: Figures Completed


With the Crone's embroidery finished this evening, I've now completed the three figures on the front panel of my new alms purse. Small milestone, but exciting none the less.

I've been under great debate about the background. While the couching would certainly fit the embroidery style, I'm also thinking that I'd like something with a bit more of a pattern. I don't want to overdo it, though. Still brainstorming on that. The ground fabric isn't ideal for counted thread, but it wouldn't be impossible. Just need to explore my options.

For now, I'm going to complete the archway using a gray DMC linen. I'll need to place an order for more of the pink, blue and green linen thread used on the figures to get the back panel completed. I'm also planning a bit ahead for the trim. Since I'm using linen for the embroidery, it's really important for me that I use exclusively linen on everything. I really love the finishing on this pouch by Tristan. I love the diversity of techniques, and the way he pulled the colors together. I think I'll be using neutrals, though, since both my panels will be pretty vibrant.

When I think ahead with everything that needs to be done for this project to be called finished, I'd say I'm about 20% complete. Lots left to do, but lots of variety to keep it interesting!


  1. Really beautiful. You did an awesome job!

  2. Excellent - great work and progress!

    Lady Kristen