Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ugh. Sleeves.

Have I ever mentioned before that I hate working with set-in sleeves?  I mean, I know that they are necessary for my persona and everything but, ugh.  They are an absolute drag.

I spent almost my entire day getting the pattern for my sleeves completed, and though they are still not exactly correct, I can't waste anymore time on the patterning part.  They work well enough for me to move on to creating them in the wool and linen and getting on with the dress.

I've completed the hand sewing on the side and back seams and the shoulder seams.  I've held off on doing the front center seams (the main seam as well as the gore seams) since I've been using the lacing strips for my test fittings for the sleeves and I've had a chance to see if my initial idea for the front of the dress is a good one.  I think I just need to make one small modification- start the lacing about 1/2" above the gore point, rather than exactly at it, which is where it is now.

I've been playing around with some test buttons, and I'm not happy with the way any of them are turning out.  I've tried both the round and square methods, and they are both awkward.  I like the mathematical nature of the square method, but I can't get it to be as even as I'd like.  I'm contemplating doing a turk's head knot button instead, but that would be cheating.  I can achieve the size I need easier with the square method, so that's probably the way I'll do it, it's just frustrating when perfectionism strikes over the smallest details.

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