Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm not sure if I'd mentioned this before, but my husband and I had chosen to not find out the sex of baby #4.  We'd found out with Owen and the twins, so we figured that leaving that as a surprise would be a nice difference this time around.  In the weeks leading up to my scheduled C-section, we had pretty much decided on a girl's name, but a suitable boy's name completely eluded us.  Nothing seemed to fit.  Only a few days prior to going to the hospital, we were between 2 names, one of which was a very recent and quite random find.  Laying on the operating table, my body numb and the surgery just about to start, I turned to Dearg and stated this newest name firmly, still with no idea if it would be a moot point.  With a heave to my body, the doctor's voice range out- "Hope you wanted a boy!"  With a smile, Dearg looked down at me and said "Archer Patrick" in confirmation of our choice.

The photo above is pretty silly, but Archer lived up to his name a few hours later.  Dearg stepped to the bassinet to see that our newborn boy had positioned his arms and hands to look like he was holding a drawn bow.  Drawing in the missing pieces was just too cute to resist.  And if you follow the Zodiac, you might find it also interesting (and completely coincidental on our part) that his sign is Sagittarius- the Archer.

He is very much like Lee in looks (and also very much like Dearg) and is also pretty laid-back like his next oldest brother.  It's very odd to have only one newborn again, but it's refreshing (especially when it comes to the breastfeeding schedule!)  When we came home from the hospital, it was remarkable to us how large the twins were- before we left I still thought of them as babies- now they are HUGE!

There is an event this coming weekend, but it may be too soon for us to attempt to go.  If we do, he'll probably wear an hand-me-down outfit.  With 3 children growing up in garb (and my tendency to keep all of it) I just can't justify making new garb for him right now!

While I'm healing, I'll finish up my black fur hat, and if I feel like I've dropped down in weight enough, I'll get my new linen apron cut out and started.  There's always something to work on, even with a house full of kids!


  1. Congratulations and best wishes!

    - Mathilde de Metteneye

  2. Aww, very unique name for a unique individual, nice to meet you Archer Patrick. I hope he lives up to his name in skill with a bow and arrow. Though hand-me-downs are a godsend if you have no time for making new garb for him. Wishing fast healing and lots of joy with your new son, Congratulations.
    I love your blog by the way, you are a more accomplished seamstress than you know.

    Lady Mairin