Sunday, May 8, 2011

Random Bits

Well, first and foremost, I have some news. Baby #4 is due December 1! We are obviously surprised, as the twins are only 8 months old, but we're happy about it. So ya'll know what that means- more pregnancy-related projects! Which is pretty funny, since someone recently posted and asked for more information about garb during pregnancy. I missed my Internet Round-Up in April, but May's Round-Up (which I'll post next week) will be pregnancy related.

I kind of let a bunch of projects sit around for a while, since I wasn't feeling well, being prego and all, so I don't have much to report. I made a very quick case for my bow out of a scrap I had left over from my gray wool dress. I used it as an excuse to do button holes (3 of them). I didn't do a wonderful job, but by the third hole I had a better sense of what the heck I was supposed to be doing. Since my Garb Quest supportive gown will have buttons on the sleeves, I figured I could use all the practice I could fit in.

I also (finally) did the gathering bits on my failed huvet. I figured out what went wrong as well. When I'd cut the curve, it was slightly rotated clockwise, causing the curve to fall on the wrong part of my head. When I shift the whole thing forward, the curve fits, but it's super long on my forehead and too short at the back. Glad I figured that one out, though, so I know what NOT to do next time. I've got to find a strip for the loop and front edge binding, then I can finish that up.

I also tried to do my hose pattern again. Either, it's really difficult to do on yourself, or I've just got no talent for it. I can get the leg part- that's easy- but when it comes to the ankle and foot, I screw it up. After reviewing this time, however, I believe I know what I'm doing wrong. I cut straight up from the bottom to the ankle bone on both sides. This ends up giving me too little of a heel to work with. Essentially, but cutting to the ankle bone, I'm cutting too far back. If I shift the cut forward about an inch, I can cut straight up, then across the top of the foot (where it joins the ankle). That would give me something like the London Hose. I'm also thinking that I may try to work off of measurements first, instead of trying to fit directly on my legs.

I think I'm going to experiment with making starch for my frilled veil out of barley. It would certainly be more period than potato!

I've got a bunch of little projects to get done in the next few weeks gearing up for Border Raids the weekend of the 21st. I'd really like to have the hose pattern done in time to work on sewing the hose while at the event. It's also the first camping even of the year for us, so we've got some things to pull together to make sure the kids are set.

So that's all I've got for now, but stay-tuned. The hose saga isn't nearly complete yet!


  1. Yay for the new baby! Congratulations!

    I feel your hose pain. Everything I've found so far seems to suggest that it's really hard to fit on yourself, as you really need to be standing upright and normally in order to get the ankle and foot to fit right. At least we're not trying to do men's hose on ourselves, that would really suck :)

  2. Anytime I come across men's joined hose in my search for hose info, I cringe.

    I really wanted to avoid going the old sock with duct tape route, but I think I can justify it in the name of doing the fitting on myself. I may even duct tape the socks, cut them off, tape them back together, and stuff them, then use that to do the muslin pattern, just to separate myself from going that route by at least one step.

  3. Ooo that's not a bad idea! In fact, I like that idea a lot! A duct tape double foot!

    The one thing I have figured out is that the foot and ankle change shape when bearing weight, not a whole lot but just enough to make an annoying amount of difference. So if you make the tape double, make sure it's in weight-bearing mode.

    The very idea of joined hose sends me searching for the gin and tequila. Let me just get past these piddly little knee high deals!

  4. P.S. I just tried to make a duct tape form of my leg using tape and plastic wrap and it worked! Even in my semi-gimpy state! Yay! Not hard at all. The hardest part was not wrapping the tape to tightly around my thigh chub above the knee and getting the thing off my foot. I need more stuffing, but I think your idea of making a leg dummy is brilliant and will work well. Plus you can make more than one kind of foot/ankle pattern from one go with the tape. The form ended up just a hair bigger than my actual leg, but that should actually work out ok, taking things in a bit will be easy enough once the basic shape is sorted out.

  5. You totally have to post photos on your blog! I went to go do the duct tape form last night, but I couldn't find the old knee high socks I was going to use. I decided to go the measurement route instead, but then it got late before I could actually draw the pattern out.

    Maybe I have some plastic wrap in the house... I'm so encouraged that you got it to work!