Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day at Home

Last minute yesterday, Dearg and I decided it would be best if I stayed home with the kids instead of all of us going to the event. I really wanted to go, but between our daughter's new-found lactose issues, the cold weather and the fact that he had a million and one commitments at the event while I had none, there really wasn't much of a decision there. Oh well.

Since I wasn't planning on having today free anyway, I took the opportunity to get a couple of projects done that have been getting shoved aside. First, I removed the ribbons on the backs of the twins' gowns and replaced them with buttons. The ribbons weren't working- they were narrow satin ribbons that just kept untying. The buttons will be much better, and probably a bit safer. Plus it kind of tidies up the look of the gowns.

Then I completed the honeycomb on my "frilled" veil. I basically used a modification of a smocking stitch. Instead of going to the back of the fabric, I simply passed the thread through the hem on each layer from one stitch to the next. It's not much to look at right now since it's still flat. I've got to get a dowel and cut it down into setting sticks, like Isis demonstrated. I'm going to try to make some potato starch. I know that's not period for the middle ages, but it's better than modern starch.

It was nice to have a quite day to just do some stuff. I spent a fair amount of the day goofing off with Owen, and I played a succession of movies while I worked. Though I was sad to have missed the event, the day certainly wasn't a loss.

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