Monday, March 21, 2011

Garb Quest - Huvet Progress Update

I completed the herringbone stitching on the huvet, and was eager to show you my progress, but when I put it on yesterday, I realized that there is a bump at the crown as a result of the curve along the center being slightly off. I'm not sure how that happened, as the curve was right when I did my initial test. Regardless, I'm going to just start over. I could remove the stitching (the herringbone and all the inner stitches), re-cut the huvet and then re-do all the stitches, but that would be a huge waste. I'm going to complete it as is, since there's no harm in having an extra huvet around, but it won't be for my garb quest.

Even though I fretted about the best way to create even stitches and keep the two halves together, I ended up just freehanding it. I used some floss every 1.5" or so to keep the two halves lined up, and removed each when I got to them. Once I got into the rhythm, it wasn't hard to keep the stitches even.

The bump is really just a convenient excuse, though. My real reason for wanting to simply start over is that I decided that I really should have used a linen embroidery thread for the herringbone instead of the wool. The wool is too stretchy for this project, which meant that I had to go back and stitch the two halves together on the inside to keep it from gaping more than I intended.

So, until I can get a hold of more linen and linen embroidery thread, I'm going to move on to a different item. I think it's time to tackle the hose.

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